Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Instant Nail Art from NOTD Sassy colors Misty Lilac

This is just an update from my recent nail color of Misty Lilac from Sassy. I did again a quick nail art by just adding a little strokes and a dot on my nails and voila another instant nail art. Though it is not again as stunning as you can see done on the salon but mine comes from a no brainier and less creativity person; none other than me. I am just a nail art novice trying hard to put a little playful on nails.

Things that I used:

Misty Lilac by Sassy colors, white and blue dual nail art pen
nail art, pen, sassy, misty lilac, notd

But since I already had my nails done, I just need the two dual nail art pen
nail art, pen, notd

How to do it?
My idea is to have a splatter of white color on the edge of nails using the brush of nail art pen, dipping a little paint of white enough to smear it on nails. Then have a random dot of blue so that it can balance the design, and your done. Just don't forget to coat again with clear polish for finishing touch.

The result:
nail art, pen, sassy, misty lilac, notdnail art, pen, sassy, misty lilac, notdnail art, pen, sassy, misty lilac, notd


  1. this is super nice! where can i also get the nail art pens? =)

    1. in local store only costing Php 25.00 on white Php 20.00 on blue

  2. Nice nail art sis! :D I haven't tried getting a nail art for my finger nails, pero I'll definitely try soon.. Inggit ako sa nails mo ^^

  3. i find this stuff complicated! You should give extra extra effort ad patience ad i hate eat hahaha anyway, you did great! <3

  4. Love the design sis! Sadly I don't know how to do it :(

  5. magandang pangregalo sa ate ko yang nail art pen ah. mahilig yun sa ganyan.. manicurist kasi yun. thanks sa info.

  6. wow.. thanks sa info about nail art pen ha. mahilig ang ate ko sa nail art being manicurist. magandang pangregalo yan sa kanya. ^^

  7. nice! mukhang madali lang gawin, pede pala do-it-yourself. medyo mahal din kc pa-nail art sa salon.

  8. Nice nail art. You know I never expect that nails could be craftily designed. Before finger nails were just being polished and nothing more. But now, they're too different. They're being enhanced with artistic and even psychedelic designs.

  9. ohe... i love doing those unfortunately because i always stay home, decorating my nails would be a bit useless.hihi