Saturday, February 11, 2012

Home Alone Star Macaulay Culkin: What Happened to Him?

Home Alone Star, Macaulay Culkin, drugs
Macauly Culkin at age of  8 years old
Every one was shocked just like his image above, as this former celebrity child star Macauly Culkin appeared and greeted her fans in New York to be seen more like a 60 years old man. Culkin was only 31 years old now and was once the most highest paid child star when he was young, that starred in a movie like "Richie Rich" and series of "Home Alone".

Home Alone Star, Macaulay Culkin, drugs
Image Source: ET Culkin greeted her fans in New York last Wednesday
In this image Culkin have a huge vicissitude in his appearance and seems like he is not in a healthy conditions though his spokesperson gave statements that there is no need for a concern, Culkin is in perfectly condition. 

How he became like that?
Culkin life has intricate after his sister's death in a car accident and another sister that died from a drug overdose. The young actor face also a financial dispute after his parents handed his career and fortune. He return in the industry in 2000 but his magic in career never shine like he used to. In 2004 Culkin was arrested  in which he was a passenger and found more than a half-ounce of marijuana and several tablets of Xanax, a drugs that used to treat depression and panic disorders.

Home Alone Star, Macaulay Culkin, drugs
Mugshot of  Macaulay Culkin in 2005



  1. Mac was adorable in the Home Alone series. I never imagined that his lucky streak then would also condemn his adult life to ill luck. Such usually happens to child stars. I hope he regains his bearings.

    1. I think he was not guided accordingly by his parent

  2. Aww.. That is so sad. He was my favorite back then. I've watched home alone and richie rich countless times when I was a kid. The events in his life contributed a lot to what happened to him now.