Sunday, February 26, 2012

FFM Featured of the Month: Vie Santos

FFM featured of the Month
Vie and her youngest
Last January our featured of the Month is Sharon of Cabanatuan City, now this month the FFM Featured of the Month for February is Vie Santos of Plaridel, Bulacan. Vie was a good friend of mine but originally we never knew each other until her husband Edison (which was my Colleague back in college of Engineering) introduce us and deal some businesses with her.

FFM featured of the Month
Vie and her Husband Edison, and their son Em
FFM featured of the month

FFM featured of the month

FFM featured of the Month, La Parilla Hotel
Reception @ La Parilla Hotel with me on the middle, my son and her cousin which is her assistant also
Vie grew up in Talavera, Nueva Ecija which is my province too, but settled in Bulacan due to her husband's job destination which is in Meralco Corp. She had already 2 kids both was boys, and you can still mistakenly thought that she was single because of her great shapes and pretty face. Vie like Sharon was a kikay too and never forget to gave time for herself to prettify and pamper in between of taking care of her three boys and her businesses.

Yes this hot mama was a business enthusiast and never stop to venture on anything to sell both on net and in her shop. Vie was actually the  source of my beauty products from Victoria Secrets to beauty accessories etc. I was one of her distributor here in my place which I try to sell on online too but had a headache in tracking the shipping that sometimes cost a lot than the products, so I just sell it on my place.

By the way if you want to order any of the following I can still give you the retail price but you need to add for the shipping cost.

bath & body works

Victoria Secret

donut bun, Curl Formers

curl formers

cellphone accesories


  1. She is able to cope with business and her son. I guess she is a go getter. She would be a good example for people who wants to start a business.

  2. Congrats Air, for your new business venture! After my wedding, I will also sort into business.

  3. hi airine,

    really your blog is very very interting with new items and photo of your family, have a nice day

  4. hi airine,
    It really is an honor to be featured here in your blog, I'm very flattered. Thanks and more power!