Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jinkee, Charice Made a Major Controversy on Their Covers

Jinkee, Charice, Mega, Preview, Cover magazine
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Charice and Jinkee being the cover for Mega and Preview Magazine have bursting out many opinions both netizens and individuals. Many said that the cover of them are stunning beautiful that cause them to suspect that both are produce by retouch of Photoshop. In fact on my previous post about their covers most of the comment have a negative belief on their covers.

Both magazine have release their video of behind the scenes of photo-shoot as they know that their covers will immerse a controversy for their model. Below are the video taken during their shoot to proof that nothing major fixes have done on their pictures as they also admitted using Photoshop software whereas everyone especially on Photography using it.

Charice, behind the scene of Preview cover Photoshoot

The behind video of Jinkee for Mega are now cannot be found

"The photos you see in the magazine are the result of the brilliant work of this brilliant team. Photoshop was a minor detail. The transformation began on the set, during the shoot." Preview said.

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  1. Mas nakakaduda para sakin yung kay Jinkee. Kay Charice, di masyado.

    BTW ate, yung Revlon Colorstay mga 480 ata yun nong bili ko online. Ewan ko lang sa stores talaga. HEHEHE!

  2. ahh yes, the controversial covers! :) i'm sure ang laki ng sales ng mga magazines na 'to this month :)))

  3. Oh my...I saw Charice's but not Jinkee's. I couldn't tell too. Tsk...tsk...but she's really getting prettier, in fairness.

    Best Regards!
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