Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FFM Featured of the Month: Sharon Carlos


Hi this time FFM will featured a friend of mine especially all of her nail art works which I find it cute, unique and easy to imitate. 

She is Sharon Corpuz Carlos, lives in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija which I met because of her beauty products., one of the co-owner of "Ang Tiyaga Trading and 3c General Merchandize". I am one of the loyal customer in her store.

They supply a variety of beauty supplies, soaps, cosmetics, slimming product, lotion, Chinese beauty supplies and a lot more. This girl as you can see knows how to make kikay in herself, I always see her beautiful inside and out plus I love all her collections of accessories and make-up too.


Her nail art!
nail art

Please do watch out for more post of her nail art here on FFM.


  1. women really are cutest when they have these and I see them more in Japan and some, in Manila na rin hehe

  2. wow, her nails are really cute! ano yan dinidikit lang?

  3. I like her nail art! :D And if only she has a store in the Metro, I'd try buying beauty products from her. I use different organic beauty soaps din kasi :)

  4. Amazing nail art, so cool!

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    Cosa mi metto???

  5. I love nail art and Sharon's looks terrific.

  6. The nail art is indeed unique and classy.

  7. wow nice nail art, I'll share this post to my girlfriend.

    by the way are interested in exchanging links? if you do just comment on my latest post in my blog :)