Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Models Own Lipstick Review

Last October, FFM have won a Model's Own Lipstick on my contest entry! The package arrive only this December 16 due to some technicalities between the sponsor and the host of giveaway. That reminds me that I haven't inform EJI of that I already receive her birthday giveaway, but I plan to send this post to her instead.


models own
Models Own in Coral Pink LS008
swatch with light
lipstick wear
my not so perfect picture of myself when worn
The lipstick is is more like a shade of orange than in pink, it can apply smoothly but I prepare to use lip balm first to evenly spread its color. What I like about this lipstick is its container in clear see through crystal. The look is so minimalist and clean.


  1. I love the shade! Not pink and not red just in between. Every once in a while I like to wear a different shade. :) It looks nice on you.

  2. @ Gellie for me it doesn't last that long

  3. It looks good on you ate. Good thing natanggap mo na! :)

  4. Congratz ate :)
    I love your lipstick.
    its color was not that bright or dull and that's what I'm looking for ..

  5. i love the shade :) i am more into orange than pink and red hehe

  6. congrats on ur prize, the lipstick looks great on u...

  7. nice going to avail one as well.thanks for sharing..