Saturday, October 8, 2011

Relief Dress

A relief dress known to be a second handled dress from the previous owner and maybe re-use again by the new owner. These came from donations for other nations or nearby countries to extend their help to the unfortunate country who  recently suffered by a disastrous calamity.

But apparently here in the Philippines, relief dress is a dang good business, change its name into "ukay-ukay dress", a tagalog form of digging from a file of all relief or second hand dresses. And this time it is not free and you have to buy it from ukay store or relief stall who make this as their business. Usually this is more patronize by many because it is more affordable and yet branded too. Downside is you have to be careful and persevere in digging a good dress because not all is in good condition and in good style.

 I am a fan of ukay ukay, just like what I am wearing below!

How about you, do you have a second hand dress too? If you haven't go out now and dig for it!


  1. How nice dress!
    You know there are so much things there in Ukay ukay as long as magaling kang magdala nito... this will be awesome.

    Thanks and more good clothes to come to you.

  2. thanks gracia for stopping by, yeah kelangan lng mgtyaga

  3. I should go to ukay ukay soon :). Haven't shopped in a while... Nice dress you have there.

  4. Never really tried purchasing clothes from the local ukay ukay shops here in Manila. But I've tried to ordered some clothes online that claims they're thrifted :)

  5. Nice Dress! I love your Ukay ukay finds!

  6. You look so happy on the picture! I miss going to ukay ukay shops. I use to frequent those when I was still in college. Great finds. :) How I wish we have them here. :(

    Stay lovely!

    koreandoll | angel

  7. my mom loves to buy ukay-ukay. i once liked them, but now i am having a taste for brand-new clothes.

  8. i got some courtesy of GOODWILL STORE, the most popular ukay ukay store here,the only difference is they sell all kinds of stuff at a very cheap price.the items were all from donations to the store and all the money goes to charity.

  9. I don't know ukay-ukay ,,, but this is a very nice picture :)

    1. it is state on my blog that it is second handled dress