Friday, August 15, 2014

How Girls is the Modern Day Sex and the City

Premiering in 2012, Warner Bros and HBO’s Girls was heralded as the best new show of the year - a fresh, uncompromising and very funny look at life as a 21st century woman. It immediately drew comparisons with Sex and the City, a show that also spoke frankly about being a woman in the late 20th century, with some regarding the two shows as pre- and post-recession versions of the same story. Some have called these comparisons unfair, but it’s actually their differences that make them similar. For instance:


Both shows feature entirely different views on sex. Sex and the City’s characters never really find themselves having bad sex. The show would play “bad sex” for laughs, a healthy reaction to actual bad sex, but not indicative of the confusion and embarrassment of a bad sexual experience. Girls, on the other hand, presents us with Hannah Horvath’s parade of uncomfortable sexual encounters. Sex and the City glamourised sex - it was fun, naughty. Girls prefers to show it as it often truly is - ungainly and confused - and with male and female bodies that are far from the Hollywood ideal.


Both main characters are writers. Carrie’s writing is a way for her to have the last laugh. When she begins dating a politician, he asks her to indulge his urination fetish. She refuses and he dumps her. Carrie then tells all in her column, exposing his behaviour and, presumably, destroying his political career at the same time. Hannah, comparatively, writes things like, “The worst stuff that you say sounds better than the best stuff that some other people say”, and makes veiled and obscure references about her having HPV in her Facebook statuses.


Carrie was a driven, self-assured woman. She exuded confidence and could defuse unpleasant situations with a perfectly-timed one-liner. Hannah is depressed, uncomfortable with her body and always seems to be hoping someone else is in on the joke that is her life. She casts around, praying someone will come to her rescue, cracking unfunny or downright strange jokes, desperate for any levity.


Sex and the City’s biggest focal point is Carrie’s relationship with her unfailingly supportive circle of friends, meeting with them to deconstruct their various issues over cocktails. Hannah frequently eschews her friends to hang out with her terrible boyfriend, knowing that makes her a bad friend. Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda are all glamourous, independent women in their own right. Hannah’s friends are as varied as they are unsure of themselves. Some are fickle, others drug addled bohemians; yet another is a naive maths major (and a big SatC fan, in one of the more overt ways Girls tries to distance itself from its network cousin). They are the antithesis of Carrie’s brood but, despite their bickering and unsavoury behaviour, are resolute in their friendship.


The biggest difference between these shows is also their biggest similarity - they are about women of different generations and that extends to their fan bases too. Carrie’s girls are in their 30’s. Hannah’s rabble are in their 20’s and Girls’s popularity indicates an entirely new generation of women have found their Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. They can relate to Hannah’s problems, friends and bad decisions. They can relate to her extremely unsatisfying, embarrassing sex life. And that’s the precise effect Sex and the City had on its fans - they were able to see themselves in these four feminine paragons and it brought them into that world in a way other shows could not.

Those are just a few thoughts on how alike Sex and the City and Girls really are when you start to boil it right down. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Are you a Hannah or a Carrie? Sound off in the comments below! Sex and the City Seasons 1 - 6 and Girls Season 1 and 2 are available now on DVD from Warner Bros.Home Entertainment.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Classy Gifts for a Classy College Graduate

Graduating university is no small feat. At the very least, it means four extra years of education, and it’s usually intensive, stressful and focused toward a future of success. When your son dons his square cap and receives that degree, you know that the investment y you made in his future will pay off. How could you not be proud on a day like graduation day? When a milestone of this magnitude is met, the recognition must be in kind. That means presents, parents. I’m not talking about Christmas or Channukah style presents, I’m talking about a gesture that encompasses his achievement, your pride, and token to his future. Here are a few ideas that will help guide your way. 


 A briefcase 

 Depending on what your son majored in and what his ambitions are will affect likely gifts you might offer. For the blossoming businessman or lawyer, a classy briefcase is perfectly suited. It isn't just an organizational tool, or a means to carry papers, it is a status symbol. His new boss and colleagues will notice how he carries himself and how he carries his things, and they will take him more seriously if he takes himself more seriously. A great briefcase is just that. It’s a message. It’s part of a uniform that advertises excellence and attention to detail. A great one doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it certainly can. One of the great things about getting a briefcase is that you can really find one for any price range. 


 A Rolex 

This isn't for just any graduate. If it were, our GDP would be through the roof and the housing market would never have crashed. In all seriousness though, a Rolex is designed for excellence and it deserves only that. Not only is a Rolex fairly pricey, it is more appropriately gifted to something more elite than a degree. This is in no way me putting down a college degree, I know from experience how difficult they are to attain. However, a Rolex is so exquisite, that it must be relished for the most sacred of milestones. Perhaps a PhD. If you think that your graduate is deserving of such exclusivity, by all means, go to rolex service center or and start your search for the specific one that best suits your boy! 


 The right graduation gift is a far more than a gift. It’s a statement and a gesture that shows more than pride. It shows hope and optimism for the future as well as confidence that your son has grown into more than just a man but a fully capable adult, ready to excel.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weight Loss Stories and Inspirations


Sometimes in order for us to have the courage to lose weight is to see someone who successfully fulfilled their goal. Losing weight is hard especially if you don’t have the motivation to do it plus thinking there is no other person who can help you other than yourself only is kinda frustrating sometimes. A support from a friend, family or a personal coach is really helpful but what about those who don’t have, where can they possibly find the strength to push themselves into losing weight or find a confidence that if others can do it sure they can also.

For a starter I am actually motivating myself that I am not getting any younger and a few more years from now surely I can develop any disease inside my body and I don’t want that to happen because my son is still young and we are still planning to add kids in the family. Being healthy aside from physique of our body is the best motivation for starter but reading stories from others who already get through with it is definitely more inspiring too. You may read here my calorie counting diet for my starting point in weight loss journey.

I have been reading weight loss stories recently and I am moved by their struggles to finally been able to defeat it and be successful in the end. Their stories of losing pounds every month or even years is awesome thinking if they can make it why not me. Usually I wanted an instant and immediate result in my transformation but it doesn’t work that way. It just came to my realization that I never been unhealthy or overweight in an instant same as to being healthy or losing weight, it will take time too.

Two of the sites that I always read for successful weight loss stories is from and the stories in this sites came from real people with real results plus you can see their before and after photos which can encourage you to lose weight like they did. You can also pick up some tips and their lifestyle while in the process of their transformation. There are other weight loss stories on the net but this is the only sites I see that is always updated with pictures. If you have any other recommendations please feel free to post it in the comment section. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Calories Burned in Horseback Riding


Many of us are afraid to ride horses, thinking it will make us fall or it will just cause us an accident. But aside from the thrill of excitement that we may experience from it, there are also some other benefits of riding a horse.
  • It can relieve some stresses and can be therapeutic while moving around and enjoying the view while the cool breeze of fresh air keeps on touching your face. 
  • It can burn calories of approximately 200 calories per 30 minutes of just riding around. 
  • It can develop a good relationship with the nature and animal by taking care of it. 
  • Of course this is the great moment to donned your horse riding outfit like your hat, pants, white polo, equestrian tall boots and vest. 
If this is your first time to ride in a horse, have someone who is expert to accompany and assist you.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Calorie Counting Diet: Is it effective for weight loss?


There are so many reasons why we gain weight, becoming overweight or obese. Probably most of us are irritable when someone see us with a greeting of “Oh you gain weight today” or “you look fat today than before”. Of course we all love to lose weight but just like me, you just didn't know where to start and you are also tired of all the promise from miracle drug and those fitness experts that will let you exhaust first before seeing result. It’s like it was easy for them to give an advice but doing it is so freaking hard.

I've been there before I lose a huge amount of weight when me and hubby are preparing to get wed in Catholic Church, the thought of I wanted to be slim on my special day motivated me to lose weight and I did. I try to do it again after years that I put it back in me, but it’s getting harder for me now because I always get tired due to ageing or maybe because I had no reason or motivation to lose weight. But this time I am trying again with calorie counting diet but without starvation plus light workout.

I learned that some successful people in weight loss just eat healthy and count calories that they put in their body. They don’t do vigorous exercises because just like me they feel exhausted after minutes of workout and exercising. In my experience I cannot exceed 20 minutes on elliptical, it gives me so much pain on the lower part of my body and it feels I am going to passed out while exercising (I blame it on ageing lol).

According to Google our body burns 2000 calories everyday doing our usual routine. The problem is we usually put more than 2000 calories a day in our body. And if we reduce the calorie food intake to our body we can also lose weight just by doing nothing. Expert says, if you want to lose 1 pound of fat you need to burn 3500 calories, but this is not for 1 day only, it may take time before you burn those 3500 calories, and the safest is from 2 weeks to 1 month. Same also if you want to gain 1 pound in weight you need to increase more than 2000 calories a day in your diet. The safest calorie intake in losing weight is 1200 to 1700 calories and taking lower than 1200 is putting your body into starvation mode which is not advisable by expert. Although Dr. Willie T. Ong said eating fewer than everyone else is good than overeating.

It’s hard if you just starting this calorie counting diet especially if you are not familiar with the calorie content of the food. But you can always search it on the internet while some food packages already have it on their label. Or download an app that can calculate calories for you, I use myfitnesspal app and has a food diary on it, which is easier to track my calories intake. So far I already lose 4 pounds with moderate workout in 4 weeks of calorie counting, I don’t starve myself because they said my metabolism will be slower than before and will put back the weight I have lost that sometimes has a revenge of doubling its number. My verdict says this calorie counting really works for weight loss because it uses science as the basis of reasoning.

Just a tip: vegetables and fruits have lower calories yet can make you feel full and not hungry for the next 3 hours, based on my experience.