Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weird Weight loss Product You Can Find Online

Ever since I learn how to use the Google to find the answer about anything, weight loss is my number 1 in my queries. And actually I am willing to stash some cash for my weight loss if it means shortcut and no struggle. But I think you need also to make a research about the weight loss product if it really works before you buy it or waste your money for a crappy one.

Below is the weird product I found online that promises weight loss:

weight loss, fitness

1.Magnet Silicone Ring 

– it is actually a magnet coated by a silicone in a ring and you need to put it in your toes. It promises change in metabolism process, adjust endocrine system, increasing blood flow and etc. Seriously, how can one lose weight with this thing and how come magnet works with non-metal. I just can’t see the sense of it to work and adjust the metabolism of our body.

weight loss, fitness

2. Abdominal Respiration Device 

– they say it is abdominal breathing exerciser and is a breakthrough product for respiratory fitness training, which works to improve the strength of your lungs and slim your waist, face, and reduce abdomen. Whoah, this one makes sense but can’t you do it also without this gadget by contracting your abdominal muscle in and out.
weight loss, fitness

3. Slimming Patch 

– this one promises you lo lose weight by just putting it in your belly. Its main ingredients are Sophoricoside, Catechin, Capsaicin, Caffeine, Sallcornia herbacaa. The only familiar for me is caffeine that can be found also in coffee and tea but the rest I had no idea.

weight loss, fitness

4. Slimming Navel Stick Magnetic Weight Loss 

– this seems like slimming patch in no.3 but uses magnet like in no.1. I don’t know what is the logic behind this weight loss product, does magnet play important role in slimming? If it does why don’t we just grab any magnet and put it in out body.

weight loss, fitness

5. Slimming Vibration gadget 

– it looks like this one works like a massager in parts of your body. But the question is will you lose weight or develop muscle gain using this one?

I actually find all these products in Aliexpress and all of them sell like a hotcake base on their feedback. All my opinion here is purely from my logical sense although I find it weird; it may or may not work for those people who purchase these products. So do your own assignment and investigate before you buy them. And maybe you are wondering if it is safe to order from Aliexpress my answer is yes just find the right seller that has a good feedback ( Ang binili ko nga pala ay cellphone case ng Mi3 dahil bihira lang ang nagbebenta nito sa Pinas ).

That's it! If you have any suggestions, feedback, critic, correction just comment it below. Hope you enjoy this post. Bye!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to Prevent Hair Fall after Shampooing

hair fall comb, hairloss

Hey guys, do you have lots of hair fall after taking a bath or when you have to comb your hair in a hurry. Well I do and it looks like I had a cancer or something sick that makes anyone scare and worry about my health simply because I just comb my hair (joke only I'm just exaggerating). And if you also suffer the same dilemma then I guess you need to read the rest of this post.

Here’s what you need:

-Towel (to remove excess water from hair)
-Comb with big teeth and space from each other.
-Electric fan

Here’s what you will do to prevent lots of hair fall:

1. remove excess water from your hair with towel
2. face the electric fan (the fan will blow dry your hair, it will also gives volume to your hair)

hair fall comb, hairloss

3. lay your hair in-front of the fan while combing it.
4. start from the bottom of your hair (don’t start combing in the middle part of your hair or near the root.
hair fall comb, hairloss

5. slowly raise your combing if the hair from where you start begins to untangle  
6. if your hair becomes damp or nearly dry you can now flip your hair in the back while facing backward in the fan but still combing

hair fall comb, hairloss
finish product lol
With this process you can prevent more hair fall from your hair although it is not 100 % free hair fall at least the number is not significance from before.

See the result, it works for me, yahoo!

hair fall comb, hairloss
lesser hair fall


I think that with vigorous combing the more hair fall I get (especially when I'm in a hurry) while following the steps above I got lesser hair plus my hair feels alive and volumize (hindi na sya flat na parang dinilaan ng kalabaw hehe). 

Note: I don't recommend the frequent use of hair blower that has heat on it or shampooing your hair with warm water because it will only prone to more hair fall. Skip shampooing if you are in a hurry.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Silk Secrets Oil Control Sheet: First Impression + Review

Hey guys, yesterday I went to mall and scout for affordable oil blotting sheet for my face. You may wonder what does oil control sheet does to our face and this is what I know; Oil control sheet or oil blotting paper is a really thin sheet of paper (basically transparent) that absorbs oil to our face. You may also suggest why not use tissue paper instead of this special sheet for our face. Well tissue paper is good but the problem is it also absorbs the foundation or bb cream that we put to our face leaving some awkward color or noticeable cake in our face. It only absorbs oil and it’s no use to absorb sweat in our face. Oil control sheet is very beneficial when you are in a special occasion like wedding, birthday or even party and you do not have to retouch or put some makeup again.

And here is the Silk Secret Oil Control Sheet that I bought from Watson and it cost Php 45.00 or $1 for 100 sheets (pretty cheap right).

Silk Secret Oil Control Sheet

Below is my before and after picture of using Silk Secrets Oil Control Sheet. I did this first impression and review while riding on the public passenger jeep (maraming lakad, mainit, at mainit din sa loob ng jeep) so I can attest to its oil absorbing power. For my face I wear Nichido BB cream (click the link for my review of Nichido BB cream), FS two way cake foundation and some Nichido final powder (while trying their powder in Watson).

Here’s the sheet for 1st try but I ended up using two sheets because of my too much oiliness that day:

Silk Secret Oil Control SheetSilk Secret Oil Control Sheet

Very cheap
It has 100 sheets
Cute packaging and very handy
Available in all Watson

Sheets are so small (I need two sheets to fully absorbs the oil in my face)

My Verdict:
Although it absorbs oil in my face I am still unsatisfied with using only one because maybe of my big round face. I wish that this sheet is much bigger so that there is no need for another sheet. It has 100 sheets but you need two every time you use it and summarize to 50 usages only. My recommendation would be 7 out of 10 only and if you ask me if I will buy this product again my answer would be no for I will try branded one even if it is a little bit pricey. Anyway I will update this post if I had only minimal oil in my face to give this product the benefit of doubt.

That’s it, and if you have any recommendation for a better oil blotting sheet please don’t hesitate to comment below or if you already use this product and it works for you please do share it in the comment section. Bye and thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nichido BB Cream Every Day Wear Review

I think every girl now has been looking and raving for BB creams every now and then. There’s a  BB cream to be trash and some to keep and use. My advice before buying BB cream is to find first some review online (tulad ngayon, sana ma-appreciate mo ang blogpost na ito) or to try and swatch them before buying. I only look for a cheaper one so it will not hard for me if suddenly I don’t like it anymore.  

The BB cream that I bought last week is Nichido BB cream in color 02 skin, I think this is the second lightest of the color and it has 4 shades by the way (you can definitely find suitable color for your skin).  According to its packaging it has an all in one beauty balm for a youthful looking and radiant complexion.  You can read also in front: skin lightening, lifting, moisturizing, soothing and color corrector. And for me I think this BB cream cannot fully cover my blemish maybe that’s why Nichido called it beauty balm instead of blemish balm. This sell Php 238.00 in Watson.

So without further ado here’s my before and after pic of using Nichido BB cream:


with nichido bb cream

with make up on op of nichido bb cream


-very lightweight on skin
-it can lessen redness
-it makes my skin lighter
-it lightens dark circle around the eye
-minimal smell (actually wala syang amoy pag nasa skin na)
-not shiny unlike other cheaper bb creams
-suitable for dry skin (I have combination skin)
-packaging is good
-available locally


-20 ml only (should be at least 30 ml for its price)
-pricey compared to other local bb cream (should be less than 200 pesos)
-it cannot hide blemishes like pimple scars, dark spot (use concealer with it)

All in all I like this BB cream especially for everyday use (kaya siguro tinawag na "every day wear" ng nichido) and I would like to give this 8 out of 10 rank and recommendation. I have dry skin patches but it doesn't show after putting this on, I'll update this post as soon my skin becomes oily. 

So that's it, if you already use this product you may want to give your feedback and experience below at the comment section. Thank you!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Recent Makeup Purchases in Watson

watson make up

Hi guys it’s been a while since I posted here and it’s also been awhile since the last time that I bought beauty products in Watson. The reason that I bought this item is maybe I need some replacement to my current beauty product or maybe I get excited that finally there’s a new SM mall near in my place here in Cabanatuan City.

So without further ado here’s the list of what I bought:

careline magic lipstick

Careline Magic Lipstick in Swag

This magic lipstick comes with vitamin e in it. The color will be from pinkish to bright red and its very moisturizing on lips. I bought this so I can use it as a base of any lipstick that I use. Hoping it can be a back-up color when my lipstick color on top comes off during drinking or eating. 
Price is Php 75.00

ever bilena pencil liner

Ever Bilena color pencil in black

Its weird that this pencil doesn't have any description whether it is for eyeliner of for eyebrow lining (nag-rely na lang ako sa saleslady i am looking for eyeliner kasi and at the same time for tightener). I plan to practice to draw a line over my eyelash but I guess I will never learn how, so its a waste for me.
Price is Php 65.00

nichido eyebrow gel

Nichido eyebrow gel

I thought that this this is a clear mascara when I pick it up not until I got home that it was for eyebrow and not for eyelash. Anyway I did buy this to make a DIY for eyebrow mascara which is kinda coincident somehow hehehe. I plan to put some color of dark eyeshadow to make it eyebrow mascara.
Price is Php 65.00

Marionnaud N 38 Slanted eyeline & eyebrows double side brush

Marionnaud N 38 Slanted eyeline & eyebrows double side brush

Finally I find this brush for my bushy brows. I also use this to brush to comb my eyelash when it clumps with thickened mascara. 
Price is Php 59.75 

IN2IT Lash Extra Mascara in MLX 01 very black fibre

IN2IT Lash Extra Mascara in MLX 01 very black fibre

This one is just a sudden purchase (alam nio ung gusto mo lang magtry ng trial and you like the result tapos there's a voice in your head that you need to buy it). I love the result when I try it and according to packaging it has a nylon fibre mascara to build volume and significantly extend eyelashes. I try to combine it with my all time favorite Maybelline Volume express mascara and it was amazing, it looks like I wear falsies. But after buying this unfortunately my maybelline mascara finally give up. I will try to make a review for this so please stay updated here.
Price is Php 299.75

Here's the total amount of my beauty purchace:

1. Careline Magic Lipstick in Swag  - Php 75.00
2. Ever Bilena color pencil in black - Php 65.00
3. Nichido eyebrow gel - Php 65.00
4. Maronnaud N 38 Slanted eyeline & eyebrows double side brush - Php 59.75 
5. IN2IT Lash Extra Mascara in MLX 01 very black fibre - Php 299.75

Total of  Php 564.50

Please let me know your thoughts about this products, some feedback and etc on the comment below.