Saturday, January 30, 2016

See the Difference: Treating a Teen’s TBI with Vision Therapy

Evyn was an excellent student who considered school easy before suffering a concussion at the age of 13 while playing soccer. After the injury, Evyn struggled to achieve the same level of success, finding it difficult to take notes from the board, needing to read and re-read material, and taking extra time to complete her homework and tests. Turns out, Evyn’s concussion caused something called “convergence insufficiency,” an eye coordination disorder that leads to double vision and other visual disturbances that make reading difficult. Evynsuffered with near-constant spots in her vision, headaches, and her eyes didn’t work well together.These side effects aren’t surprising to eye experts, who know that vision therapy is essential to complete concussion recovery.

“Research has shown that approximately 70 percent of young athletes who suffer a concussion have eye coordination, focusing, and eye movement problems,” says Dr. Kara Heying, OD, FCOVD, president of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. “Yet most parents are left on their own to choose a health care professional who can help their child correct these problems.” And, in many cases, parents aren’t going to immediately take their child to visit an optometrist for a head injury. They are more likely toseeneurologists, physical therapists, pediatricians, and sports medicine specialists, but it’s a developmental optometrist who is one of the most critical members of a teen’s concussion recovery team.

Understanding the Importance of Vision Therapy
Concussions and TBIs can cause unique forms of vision problems, including eye coordination issues and eye movement disorders.When a teen develops a concussion, whether through a sports injury, car accident, fall, or otherwise, treatment should include vision therapy.

Part of the prescription for managing a concussion in general is to rest your eyes in a dark room and to avoid taxing activities like reading a book, watching television, or using a computer or smartphone. But you’re not expected to sleep away your recovery – even though it might seem like that’s all there is left to do. Vision rehabilitation can be active, not passive.

“The traditional vision approach still relies on the spontaneous recovery of double vision, patching, and using therapies to learn functional approaches around vision deficits, as opposed to treating the vision deficits,” says Heying.“However, many optometrists across our nation are providing optometric vision therapy in addition to therapeutic lenses and prisms to help resolve visual deficits.”

What Vision Therapy Includes
The goal of vision therapy, especially for more severe head injuries, can aid a person in self-correcting their double vision problems, find their balance, and strengthen their equilibrium. Under the care and supervision of an optometrist who is experienced in treating concussion-related vision problems and has the specialized tools and medical equipment to monitor progress, the patient will undergo a progressive program of vision procedures that are customized to fit their visual needs. The sessions are typically conducted in the eye doctor’s office once or twice a week and last for 30 to 60 minutes. Supplemental exercises may be prescribed so treatment can continue at home in between office visits.

Optometric vision therapy isn’t about strengthening eye muscles, which are already very strong. This specific therapy is intended to retrain the learned aspects of vision through neuroplasticity, which is the potential that a person’s brain has to create neural pathways to adapt to a person’s needs, especially after the trauma of a head injury.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Update, Reset and New Life

Hi guys, I just got all my password retrieved in my newly formatted laptop that I lost all my save password to all my social media including this blog. So what is the best thing to do once I got my entire password back, open and write some blog post.  By the way I am already living here in Doha, Qatar and I am glad that I am already used with it especially the weather, transportation and the food. All the food here in Qatar are all delicious and very savoury with all the flavors, spice and variety of meat of course except for pork and I love it. Anyone who will live here will gain weight because of their food so I should be more careful about it, and hopefully my workout will cover it for me. Anyway I just also received my college rings along with all the documents I need for a certain job and I am so happy that admin in my school ship it for me. Well that’s it you will see more update now from now on, unless my laptop go crazy again with lot’s of virus.  

Thursday, January 7, 2016

How To Optimize Your Health Levels In 2016


As 2016 begins, many people are ready to make this year conspicuously better than the previous one. And in many cases, accomplishing the objective involves becoming a more health conscious person. If you're currently looking to improve your health yet don't know which strategies to implement to make it happen, know that the following wellness techniques can work for you:

1. Invest In Testing. 

Diseases and ailments are one of the primary factors that preclude people from attaining absolutely amazing health. Luckily, you can obtain professional tests that enable you to identify which condition is precluding your system from functioning optimally. Companies like Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. specialize in providing clients with top notch tests, including:

IFA test
HIV test
Cancer test
Diabetes test 

2. Embrace Yoga.

In addition to getting tested for debilitating conditions that could preclude you from leading a healthy life, it's a good idea for you to embrace yoga. Yoga is one of the healthiest forms of exercise that you can engage in. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that yoga decreases stress, burns calories, and contributes to a more toned, leaned appearance. There are several ways that you can start doing yoga, such as joining a local gym that offers classes. You can also purchase yoga DVDs and practice in your home. 

3. Examine Your Diet.

Most health experts agree that diet plays a profound role in elevating or detracting from your level of wellness. Moreover, the majority of Americans do not eat the type of fiber and nutrient rich diet that is believed to promote optimal health. Since this is the case, it's a good idea for you to carefully examine your diet and determine whether you can make any changes that will help you attain the amazing wellness that you deserve. If you currently have your refrigerator, cupboard, and/or pantry stocked with unhealthy items, it's a good idea to throw them away and replace them with healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables. 


If you want to be healthy, know that the process won't work in a magical fashion. Rather, you need to consciously make positive changes in your daily life to ensure that you are embracing attitudes and behaviors that will contribute to health. By reviewing the guide to wellness found above, you can get on the path to absolutely amazing health!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Three Health Optimization Strategies That Will Work Wonders For You


If you suffer from a lack of energy, vacillating moods, chronic illness, or other issues that detract from your vitality, it's time to make some changes. Luckily, there are numerous health optimization strategies you can implement to bring an end to discomfort and open the door to wellness. Here are three of them: 

1. Start In The Kitchen.

The single most important factor that will contribute to or detract from your health is the food you eat. For this reason, your journey into phenomenal health must begin in the kitchen. While there, you can carefully examine your cupboards and refrigerator to determine what type of food you're eating on a regular basis. If you're like the majority of Americans, you're eating a lot of processed food that is void of nutrients and fiber. You can turn this all around by getting rid of the nutritionally vacuous food and replacing it with healthier options like fresh fruits and vegetables. 

2. Be More Mindful.

While many people associate getting healthy with doing an intense fitness program, there's much more to physical and mental well-being than vigorous activity. Additionally, getting healthy necessitates that you become a more mindful person by carefully analyzing and optimizing the way you think. Regular meditation is one of the best ways to realize this goal. In addition to helping you clear your mind and breathe effectively, meditation can afford you some or all of the following health benefits:

• better sleep 
• enhanced cognitive function 
• improved memory 
• optimized cardiovascular function 

3. Consider A Career In Health.

Working within the health sector is a wonderful way to optimize your level of wellness. Individuals who work as personal trainers, health coaches, and nurses oftentimes have extensive knowledge about how the body works and the type of things it needs to function optimally. Even working as a medical examiner can provide you with key insights regarding physiological processes, thereby enabling you to optimize your own health. If you're interested in becoming a medical examiner, know that you can complete your DOT training online through an organization like NADME.

Cultivate A Healthier Lifestyle Today!

As 2015 comes to a close, you are likely thinking about how to make 2016 a better and brighter year. One of the best ways to realize the goal is to get healthy. By using some or all of the wellness techniques found above, you will likely find that 2016 is one of your healthiest, happiest years yet!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Prayer to Help Us Not to Overeat


If all fails for you and couldn't help yourself to overeat especially if all the foods are laid in front of you for you to indulge freely. Then this powerful prayers will help you to resist to eat more. Food is given to us by God to be eaten but we should be all wary that there are also others that needs the food and we should share it to our brothers and sisters. Greedy and gluttony are bad and may affect our health both physical, emotional and social, so before you start eating stop and say this short but powerful prayer to help you not to overeat. 

Dear God, 
Right now, I surrender to You
my temptation to binge, 
to rebel, to misuse the food
You've blessed me with. 
Fill me instead
with Your Spirit and grace
and grant me the power
and will to STOP indulging
when I am no longer hungry. 
Thank You that, by Your Spirit, within me, 
I have the ability to resist
the urge to overeat today. Amen.


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